Bed Bugs Beware: There is a New Sheriff in Town!

MADISON, Conn. /Neotrope News Network/ — CT Bed Bug Dogs ( announces this week the launch of a new business serving Connecticut residents and businesses. It’s important to note that this sheriff does not wear a gun – he wears a dog collar! More specifically, Ruby, Pasha and Willie are adorable rescue dogs who have been highly trained and certified to find these critters wherever they are hiding which allows an immediate and focused extermination effort based on their findings.

They are key members of Connecticut’s first local company that deals exclusively with bed bug detection and remediation services. Not surprisingly, the company is called CT Bed Bug Dogs and is uniquely positioned to offer one stop shopping to their customers who simply want this rather unpleasant problem to go away in both an eco-friendly and cost effective manner. They believe the old shotgun approach (i.e., spray and pray) must be replaced by a rifle which the dogs help aim at the target. Not only is their initial treatment focused, they also come back for a second treatment within 10-12 days and provide a guarantee to assure customer satisfaction. Hotels, Condominium and other multi-family housing facilities see the benefits in dealing with the CT Bed Bug Dogs “MAP” program that accelerates the eradication of bed bug infestations, cost savings and less chemicals in the environment.

As background, the growing incidence of bed bug problems reported throughout the country which, by some measures, has reached epidemic proportions in the metro NYC area has clearly migrated into Connecticut. Consequently, this company was born out of a combination of the growing need for this service in Connecticut and the extensive experience gained by its founders in doing battle with bed bugs in the NYC arena.

Dick Horton, a veteran of many years in the oil business who recently came on board as the sales manager, confirms what highly volatile issue bed bugs have become. According to Mr. Horton, who has routinely dealt with rather upset heating oil customers with no heat in the middle of winter, he has never encountered customers more emotional or upset than those who fear, or have reason to believe, they have a bed bug problem.

Mr. Horton also observed that many people who, by any other measure seem to be intelligent, thoughtful and rational, become absolutely unglued when a bed bug possibility appears. They certainly take it personally and think it might be an indictment of their personal hygiene; cleanliness or housekeeping practices while nothing could be further from the truth. Quite simply, bed bugs are hitchhikers. They don’t self-generate but need a chauffeur, albeit an unintentional one. Plus, they like to stay with us because we not only carry them around but we also happen to be their primary food source.

It is the unique characteristics of bed bugs and the proliferation of the problem that makes the members of this new company (human and canine) confident that can play a major role in helping to attack this problem in Connecticut. While they are a licensed pest control operator specializing in bed bug detection and remediation in Connecticut, they do also offer their certified canine detection services throughout the entire Northeast and the in the Middle Atlantic States.

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