Can Technology Make a Difference in a Job Hunt? Some Big Breakthroughs Are Now Available

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Send2Press Newswire/ — There is a lot being written about how to conduct an effective job search in these difficult economic times. Several companies have been investing heavily in technology that instantly connects people to most jobs throughout the country. One of them, a venture capital backed firm named ITS, has invested $30 million to pioneer some new ways for making job hunting easier.

Robert J. Gerberg Jr, CEO of ITS, points out that the resources available to job hunters can be very confusing. There are thousands of sites on the Internet that make openings available. But, it’s very time consuming and hard to uncover everything that’s out there for you.

To make sense of the ITS breakthrough, Gerberg says you first need to understand how to find jobs in both the published and unpublished job markets. Published openings can be found on job boards, magazines, newspapers, metasearch engines and recruiter Web sites. That accounts for about 50 percent of all openings.

Unpublished (or private) openings can only be uncovered in one the following six ways: (1) from expanded networking with your contacts, influential alumni and executives in industries of interest, and (2) from uncovering leads through events which may signal emerging jobs. Also, by placing your credentials with (3) key employers, (4) recruiters who don’t post openings, (5) venture capitalists and (6) board members.

A new online way to speed your job search — the Job Market Access Center (JMAC)

ITS has pioneered an online information resource called the Job Market Access Center, or JMAC for short. It provides a job seeker with the information they need to run a professional search all in one place.

With it, people can access virtually all published openings, get daily events which may be leads to unpublished openings, get contact information on employers in 230 countries, have continuous access to job market intelligence and much more.

Here is what job seekers receive on JMAC:

Access to published openings

Many people are able to uncover 20 to 50 times the number of situations they could find on their own. JMAC puts at their fingertips almost all openings available in the published market locally, nationally, and much of the international market as well. This includes openings in all newspapers and trade magazines, openings posted by Web-based recruiters, on more than 1,500 job boards, and on 300,000 employer Web sites. A professional, manager or executive can access virtually everything on the Internet in one place.

Daily events that may signal unpublished openings

Through JMAC, subscribers receive leads about breaking business news, company expansions, firms relocating, and so forth. These are proven leads to new jobs in the earliest stages and have allowed many to get in the door first and avoid competition. And, they are “streamed” to subscribers daily by the industries they specify and their metro areas of interest.

Access to decision makers to contact in the U.S. and over 230 countries

JMAC makes it easy for job seekers to find the right people to contact including decision makers that might be prospects for hiring someone like them. This can include recruiters, venture capitalists and board members they might wish to contact, and also decision makers with growth firms and with all types of small and large employers.

Access to job market intelligence

This is done on a real-time basis. Subscribers get instant access to such things as (1) investment banker and trade magazine reports on employers, (2) reports on industries of interest, and (3) information on the backgrounds of executives in upcoming interviews. This enables people to be more informed and impressive in interviewers, and keeps them up-to-date on their markets.

Continuous access to a full-time JMAC research staff

As part of a subscription, people can email or call the JMAC research department with any request. They use hundreds of world-class databases to retrieve information and email it back to people within 24 to 48 hours.

Access to online job hunting advice on JMAC

On JMAC, people can also get information on hundreds of job hunting topics. For example, people can listen to a condensed version of a three-day workshop, which is available as 15 short audio clips online. They can also access such things as recent offer letters that have been received by other clients at all levels.

The company has published a book on a system for job hunting. It is called “The Professional Job Changing System,” authored by Bob Gerberg, and is available in major book stores or direct from the firm. Additional information: or contact Tom Mortenson at 877-298-5021. Online:

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