Dana Clothing Provides Consumers with Socially-Responsible Buying Power

SAN DIEGO, Calif. /Neotrope News Network/ — There are so many consumer choices on the market. That’s why Dana Clothing is making it easier for people to make socially-responsible decisions about what they buy. For each t-shirt a consumer buys, one t-shirt will be donated to a child in need. It’s a win-win situation.

Currently, the all organic cotton t-shirts are made in Africa at a women-empowered shop. Women are paid fair wages and provided with good working conditions.

In turn, cotton t-shirts are being gifted to “Shoes that Fit” (, a non-profit organization that provides children in need, nationwide, with new shoes for schools. Now, thanks to Dana Clothing, they will also be providing t-shirts with the Dana logo.

“It’s not just about the physical aspect of providing shoes and t-shirts,” says Karl Helm, founder of Dana Clothing. “It’s also about letting these children know that we care as well as provide them with cool designs that they can be proud to wear. In addition, with the current economic climate there are more children in need of help, it’s important for everyone to try to do their part. The buy one / gift one option is an excellent choice for charitable giving.”

About Dana Clothing:

Partially inspired by Tom’s Shoes, founded on the simple premise – with every pair you purchase, Tom’s will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need – the concept of “One for One” was created.

Launched in 2010, Dana Clothing practices that same “One for One” philosophy. The name “Dana” reflects the basic Buddhist virtue – generosity – which is not so much the act of giving as it is the feeling of wanting to give, of wanting to share what you have with other people. As a result, Dana Clothing uses individual buying power to benefit the greater whole.

Karl Helm, a social entrepreneur, has future plans for the company that he will reveal shortly, but is excited to begin planning. This is only a preview of things to come. For now, Dana Clothing gives freely to others; something more important than larger profit margins.

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