Desolation of Obama Nation Continues Says City of Angels Pastor

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — President Obama’s list of broken promises begins to grow as he declines further in national polls, says Pastor Craig Rubin. Part of the reason for his decline in popularity says Rubin is because of his ignoring the wishes of average American people. “The President asked us to list our most important issues on his Web site. Cannabis prohibition was the number one question and he flat out ignored it,” says Rubin.

On October 19, 2009 the Attorney General of the United States said that the federal government would protect cannabis providers who followed state’s laws. On October 20, 2010 Pastor Rubin received a permit from the City of Los Angeles allowing him to “sell medical marijuana” at his Temple 420. On October 21st the Assistant City attorney Asha Greenberg wrote Mr. Rubin a letter saying the city didn’t see a problem with what he was doing operating his medical marijuana club. On October 22, the following day Asha Greenberg sent in a team of officers to arrest Rubin. This is according to the testimony of Officer Mangrum at the Preliminary Hearing that sent this case to trial where Rubin now faces 11 years in prison for providing a qualified patient with one gram of cannabis at his licensed facility.

Rubin says, “Carmen Trutanich and Steven Cooley are not just doing their jobs, but are being ordered to do so by their bosses. The head prosecutor at the court house, the boss of all DAs is watching over this case as if it the most important one they have. He hasn’t missed a minute of court time; meanwhile there are plenty of murder trials in the building he is ignoring.”

As a pastor and Bible believer Rubin feels the war on marijuana, which is what the War on Drugs truly is, in fact is a strategy of the “New World Order.” The underlying principle behind global governance is that we can’t take care of ourselves locally and our needs are met by being part of an interdependent universal community. Rubin rejects this belief and instead relies on his understanding of the Bible and sees a global government as not necessarily benevolent. “Cannabis provides food, clothing, food and fuel and can be provided on a local level thereby eliminating the need for a New World Order,” claims the pastor and he points to Henry Ford’s hemp car developed in the 1930s.

The car was made from cannabis. The body of the car was ten times stronger than steel and lighter. Plus, it ran on hemp fuel that was grown in Michigan. The pastor truly believes that cannabis is the key plant for the healing of all nations because it has the power to defeat the global corporate takeover of the planet. “I am not fooled by my political enemies. I realize they are motivated by a Satanic force that seeks to hide the truth about this plant and God’s creation, but their plans are being exposed,” Rubin continues, “as Senator McCain tries to outlaw Vitamin C and Aloe Vera with his Codex Alimentarius compliance legislation.”

The Codex Alimentarius is group of international laws designed to standardize all food, vitamins and supplements under the World Trade Organization. The net result of this legislation will be that people in the United States may need a doctor’s note not only to buy cannabis from government regulated clubs, but that they may also need permission to take Vitamin C. As the global government clamps down on an ever increasingly unarmed population in the United States one can see the same tactics described in the book, “Economic Hit Man” being applied to our own country.

“These people are dangerous to freedom and need to be stopped,” says the Pastor. Rubin’s trial starts Friday March 5, 2010 at 11701 South La Cienega at the LAX Courthouse. Rubin is represented by Attorney Jennifer Soares. Donations to the defense fund can be made at and are appreciated.

“I am looking forward to hearing what these government officials have to say for themselves when they take the stand,” says Rubin who has claimed his arrest was politically motivated, “especially Ms. Greenberg.”

News Source: Craig Rubin

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