ElectionMall CEO Applauds President's Creation of Cyber Czar Position

Election and Campaign Cyber Security Pioneer Advocates Greater Election Security

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ever since ElectionMall was first established in 1999, Ravi Singh has relentlessly reminded politicians – from school board to presidential – about how integral election security is to prevent cyber attacks. Even though the advantages of online election security are so obvious, campaigns of all levels are shockingly lackadaisical in implementing adequate protection for their websites and databases. It is about time the government addresses this issue, and Mr. Obama’s strategy is certainly on the right track.

Election Security Seal“Because President Obama felt first-hand the effects of a cyber attack during his own presidential campaign, he is well aware of the dangers and threats posed by hackers to the nation’s cyber infrastructure. Much like how businesses protect their data, campaigns must also provide the same protections. With credit card information, mobile phone numbers, other personal information being collected via websites, it is absolutely integral for campaigns to have the proper safeguards in place.”

Ravi Singh addressed this issue head on when in 2005, ElectionMall became the Internet’s first and only real-time Identity Assurance infrastructure for political websites. ElectionMall is the first campaign and election company with the authority for this type of technology, providing additional encryption services along with verification engines and is a registered agency in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

“You would be surprised to hear how carelessly campaigns guard their online data and I am not talking about the candidates running for school board, I am talking about presidential and state-wide campaigns. As a technology provider we have continued to push for stronger recommendations, best practices, and an ethical platform when it comes to campaigns and elections.”

“As politics and technology continue to intertwine, it is mandatory for concrete protections to be in place so that internet users can engage in the dialogue and openness that has arisen with eDemocracy 2.0 without fear of a cyber attack.”

Obama made election security a priority during his first 150 days in office, and this is certainly a step in the right direction. However, this action alone does not fix the electoral, online-campaign environment. Far more action is necessary. This is why for over nine years, Ravi Singh has cautioned candidates to take the appropriate actions to ensure all data obtained online is secure from hackers.

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