Facebook-Style Networking Platform Bridges the Gap for Foundations and Philanthropists

NASSAU, Bahamas (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It was the Clinton Global Initiative in New York that inspired Jane Siebels, founder iGivingWorld, to create an invitation-only, secure social media Web site to connect philanthropists and foundations around the globe. While there were so many people who attended the Global initiative, there were still so many more people to connect.

After extensive research and multiple brainstorming sessions, iGivingWorld was born. The platform resembles Facebook-style networking, but information is exchanged in a highly-secure environment; all members are guaranteed privacy and may even choose to remain anonymous.

IGivingWorld’s main mission is to bring these two groups together so they may benefit from collaborative efforts and communicate their successful progress.

Barnaby Marsh, vice president of strategic initiatives at The Templeton Foundation reveals that there is frequent duplication of efforts and notes. iGivingWorld is designed to reduce these duplicative efforts while allowing donors to collaborate on their work in similar areas.

“It’s a model that could break the mold,” says Marsh. “This can revolutionize giving.”

iGivingWorld provides a much-needed infrastructure. It promotes collaboration, sharing insights and innovative solutions. Strategic alignment software allows grantors to be very specific, thus improving the lines of communication. Progress notes and successes are easily shared through “roundtable discussions,” private groups, sophisticated and tech-savvy project-sharing tools and more.

Grantors can easily locate specific areas of interest and like-minded individuals through organization profiles, location and causes. Project pages also report on impact to donors and supporters through grantee testimonies, expenditure reports and all associated media.

Prior to joining, potential members are screened to ensure that they are a good fit for iGiving World. Staff researches philanthropists for their history of giving, and only foundations that have a history of grant making are invited to join this exclusive online network. Marketers and fundraisers are screened out.

iGivingWorld is, in a sense, one-stop-collaboration and communication for grantors. It is open to qualified groups and individuals all over the world.

About the Founder:

Jane Siebels, founder iGivingWorld, is a protegee of the late Sir John Templeton, the famed global investment manager and philanthropist. Siebels is a trustee of the Templeton Foundation in the Bahamas; a board member of Accion International, a microlending organization based in Boston; and board member of The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Recently, Siebels was awarded NFTE’s “Entrepreneur of the Year Award.” And while she knows that many groups strive separately to accomplish similar goals, she believes if they worked together, they could maximize their impact.

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