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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Home foreclosures continue to be on the minds of many people throughout the nation. And, worries about unemployment and not being able to meet mortgage payments often trump other issues such as what to do with a pet. As a result, has compiled helpful resources to address this growing problem of abandoned foreclosure pets.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, moving or no-pet landlord policies have always been among the top three reasons people give for abandoning their pets. And, when there is an economic and housing crisis affecting more and more people, the need for assistance only increases.

This newest crisis affects many parties – the pet owner, the bank, pet shelters, and of course – the pet.

“Usually for one in every five foreclosed homes, there’s an animal left behind,” James Beardman, external relationship manager for, says.

So, what happens when banks or other lending institutions are left with not only defaulted properties, but also abandoned foreclosure pets? While, it’s not their job to find homes for these pets, most people will grapple with the ethical responsibility involved.

Animal shelters are an option, but these facilities are increasingly becoming overcrowded. These abandoned animal rescue businesses are struggling to keep up with the demand, and many are even calling for some type of legal action in the form of an abandoned pet law.

“The ultimate goal is adoption,” Beardman says. “In fact, some foreclosure associations even have classifieds about these abandoned foreclosure pets.”

Pet owners are not without alternatives to abandonment. Planning ahead and having a positive approach can produce an outcome that works for everyone. There are resources within most states to help people find rental housing that is advertised to be pet-friendly. In addition to these resources, there are also ways to make contact with landlords who might not openly advertise a pet-allowed policy. provides a comprehensive list of animal shelters in the U.S. It also shares educational news and other pertinent information concerning how to help abandoned foreclosure pets; or how to avoid leaving pets behind.

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