KnowledgeAdvisors Releases Metrics that Matter v12.0 Focusing on Usability, Engagement and Effectiveness

CHICAGO, Ill. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — KnowledgeAdvisors, the world’s largest provider of learning and talent measurement solutions, today announced it has released V12.0 of its proprietary analytics software, Metrics that Matter® Metrics that Matter® is an on-demand, SaaS (Software as a Service) Human Capital Analytics system that allows you to cost-effectively measure and increase the impact of your human capital processes from recruiting to leadership development. It is recognized as a standard in corporate, public sector, and commercial human capital practices.

The v12.0 release highlights include:

Usability: Self-Sufficient, Easy, Intuitive, and Flexible

New Metrics that Matter® Interface: MTM has a clean, polished look that increases discoverability and efficient site navigation. Reports are easier to find and more intuitive to use.

Ad hoc Survey Tool: Create stand alone surveys to measure customer satisfaction, quick polls, customer feedback and much more! Set it up, generate a URL, and email it out. Simple and straight-forward.

Testing Tool: Metrics that Matter’s world-class testing tool continues to be enhanced for powerful scenario-based assessments, cognitive skills tests and more.

New Dashboard Widgets: Metrics that Matter® has standard dashboards for impact, courseware performance, instructor performance, and operations to help L&D managers take action on their data.

Power to the MTM Admin! There are many small yet time saving administrator changes that include the ability to delete evaluations, to create and edit email and reminder email invitation texts, and to configure audience sampling settings on a course by course basis.

Streamlined Manager Survey Experience: Direct feedback regarding training effectiveness from the manager’s perspective is incredibly valuable, and now managers will receive just one survey invitation email for each class that their direct reports attend, regardless of the number of direct reports that attended, and will retain the ability to submit feedback on an individual by individual basis.

Enhanced Integrations for Systems Interoperability: KnowledgeAdvisors can integrate with any learning management system (LMS) to ensure efficient and reliable import and export of data. This release features upgrades to integrations for Skillsoft Skillport users and for GeoLearning LMS users.

Effectiveness: Actionable, Analytic, Interpretive, and Outcome-Oriented

Continuous Improvement Dashboard: Metrics that Matter® applies the rigor of Six Sigma by quantifying defects in the L&D function where improvements can be made to quality, effectiveness, impact, and results.

Defect Identification Report: Continue the spirit of Six Sigma by comparing defects or successes of various training attributes (course, instructor, location, etc.) to benchmarks and goals.

Effectiveness Quadrant Report: This tool plots data in a scatter plot matrix comparing effectiveness of two elements such as quality, knowledge gained, job impact, business impact, value and job support.

Process Control Chart Report: New control charts will plot both performance and activity data showcasing points that fall within and outside of configurable control limits based on standard deviations and control trends.

Course Effectiveness Summary Report: A narrative report available in Word or PDF formats designed to provide content and curriculum owner’s insight into the effectiveness of their offerings.

Engagement: Manager Involvement, Employee Pulse

Check-in to Change(SM): A performance support tool that promotes and captures interaction between manager and learner to drive training utilization.

Answer Sharing: As a lighter version of Check-in to Change(SM), this will allow a survey respondent’s data inputs to be automatically emailed to someone else.

Employee Pulse on Smart Sheets: Additional questions tied to the core elements of talent management embedded within the end of program evaluation process to constantly monitor workforce trends in recruiting, learning, talent, leadership, engagement and performance management.

“Our customers really drive our solutions and this release which focuses on usability, effectiveness and engagement is a reflection of this philosophy,” stated Kent Barnett, CEO of KnowledgeAdvisors.

“In today’s business environment, stewardship, governance, and data for decision-making are terms that resonate with senior leaders. The ability to use all of these new features in V12.0 of Metrics that Matter to quantify learning and talent investments for predictive analytics and performance optimization is critical to building high performing workforces and showing accountability for the budgets to do so,” stated Barnett.

About KnowledgeAdvisors:

KnowledgeAdvisors is the world’s largest provider of learning and talent measurement solutions. Leading organizations access its measurement expertise and on-demand software to ensure a high-performing workforce. As thought leader in Human Capital Analytics, KnowledgeAdvisors provides the most comprehensive analytics solutions on the market. By combining measurement expertise, on-demand evaluation software, and integrated analytics solutions with benchmarking, organizations gain the necessary insights on how to best develop their workforce. For more about KnowledgeAdvisors, visit: .

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