Legacy Launch Pad Publishing Releases Non-fiction Book on Using Breathwork for Addiction Recovery

BREATH OF LIFE by Nick Terry Tnt

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jul 06, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is proud to release "Breath of Life: Finding Long-Term Recovery with Breathwork and Stepwork" (ISBN: 978-1-956955-87-3 (ebook); 978-1-956955-86-6 (paperback); 978-1-956955-85-9 (hardcover)), the first book by Nick Terry TNT, a breathwork specialist, cofounder of addiction rehab Honu House in Hawaii and owner of Breath of Life Recovery.

Now clean and sober for more than nine years, Terry is a World Coaching Institute-certified life coach and holistic addiction consultant who holds five mindfulness training certifications. In "Breath of Life," Terry combines his personal experiences as a recovering addict with his professional experience as a residential treatment director, case manager, recovery coach and breathwork advocate. The combined result is a genre-defining, holistic recovery handbook.

In "Breath of Life," Terry takes readers through a turbulent and delinquent childhood which led to a life of severe addiction and petty crime. To avoid pending legal charges, Terry fled to Hawaii where he became a father, though his unchecked drinking and drug habits led to the dissolution of his family. Despite multiple attempts at sobriety though the 12 Steps, Terry couldn't maintain sobriety until he found the missing piece of his recovery puzzle in breathwork and other holistic practices.

Rather than an attempt to replace other recovery paradigms, "Breath of Life" pays homage to AA and models itself after the Big Book, with separate sections dedicated to Terry's story, breathwork and step work recovery principles, breathwork exercise instructions and interstitial client testimonials. Terry defines this approach to readers upfront:

"Though I still love AA to this day-attending several meetings a week, regularly connecting with my sponsor and volunteering to sponsor newcomers who need guidance-what's been abundantly clear to me over the years is that we need something new. We need a new program-a 'breath of fresh air,' if you will-or at least something to help people stay tethered to recovery that is non-dogmatic. What I've tried to develop in the process of writing this book is a guide, modeled off of the Big Book, to what the recovery world has been missing: breathwork."

"Breath of Life" has already drawn praise from Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, one of America's foremost addiction experts and the bestselling author of Glow Kids, who also contributed a foreword. "With this book, Nick Terry has given us all a wonderful gift," Dr. Kardaras says. "He has taken ancient wisdom, modern science, his own powerful life story and his actual breath practice and created an amazing and revelatory book with a systemic approach to improving people's lives through breathwork, and to living lives of balance and alignment."

"Breath of Life: Finding Long-Term Recovery with Breathwork and Stepwork" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

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