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LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Neotrope News Network/ — Libya Expeditions, Libya’s leading tour operator and travel adventure specialist, celebrates the storied tale of courage, honor, and comradeship during the Siege of Tobruk with its historic 5 day ANZAC Libya World War II Remembrance Tour.

“Every April, ANZAC Day is commemorated in Australia and New Zealand, and the legend of the ‘Rats of Tobruk’ and their valor has made Tobruk extremely popular with Australian and New Zealand tourists,” said Ryad Sunusi, Libya Expeditions Founder and CEO. “In Tobruk, the past comes alive with WW II memorials, memorabilia, and relics; where the deeds and hardships of those that fought and died thousands of miles from homes and loved ones are forever enshrined.”

The ANZACS, an acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, were renowned for their tenacious fighting spirit and courage during the World Wars, often overcoming tremendous odds to win key victories. Their legend was further immortalized in Libya, where the besieged ANZACS – dubbed the “Rats of Tobruk” by the impressed Germans – achieved legendary status for their selfless heroism and ferocious resistance against Rommel’s forces during the Western Desert Campaign.

“Libya World War Two Remembrance Tour” is a step back into time and the historic see-saw battles between Allied and Axis forces in North Africa. Tobruk and its extensive WW II memorials and cemeteries are visited, including the Commonwealth War cemetery, Knightsbridge Acroma, and Bar Hakim. Interesting side excursions include Rommel’s massive underground bunker, the Fig Tree Hospital, the “Lady Be Good,” and the German Memorial.

April is the most popular month for the ANZAC Tobruk tour, coinciding with ANZAC Day and the Siege of Tobruk, on April 25th and April 10th respectively.

About Libya Expeditions LLC:

Libya Expeditions is a full-service Libya tour operator that provides comprehensive Libya travel services, focusing on escorted Libya cultural, archaeological, and desert adventure tours and holidays; and has rapidly become the leading operator of escorted tours to Libya.

Libya Expeditions is committed to promoting responsible tourism – supporting the local Libyan economy whilst retaining respect for traditional customs and way of life. For more information on our Libya tour packages and itineraries, and to make a reservation, please visit .

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