A Desperado's Daily Bread – New Novel Shows the Value of the Visionary Artist in a Terminally Ill Society

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Wade is an outlaw in the land of the free, a desperado of the great American Frontier – a post-Darwinian, post-Freudian, post-Jungian, post-Einsteinian, post-Walt Disneyan, post-beat, post-hip, post-war, post-graduate, post-perspicuous persona non grata who is reconciled to spending his remaining days post-mortem in the sublime twilight of the impalpable underground, wrapped in cloistered communion among the lingering remains of gratefully dying flower children, all falling faintly through the universe … each and every one on the descent of their last end. In his new book “A Desperado’s Daily Bread,” Konrad Ventana throws open the curtain to a perennial drama with a depth of language that can only be described as symphonic. Blazing with eye-opening drama, keen psychological insights, and layers of linguistic pyrotechnics, the reader is at once awed and entertained.

Wade is also a respectable biochemist, in his own outlandish way, and his masterful skills in molecular and genetic manipulations are impressive to say the least. He has somehow managed to isolate four particular genes from the desert cactus known to laymen as peyote and has inserted the genetic constructs into baker’s yeast. Wade’s creations appear to function as perfectly normal cultures of baker’s yeast except, of course, in the presence of exogenous tyrosine or phenylalanine which, when added to the mix, these genetically engineered cells readily convert to the chemical compound mescaline – and they dutifully perform this sanctified biochemical conversion in the wink of an alchemist’s eye.

Using the pseudonym Konrad Ventana, literally “Bold Counsel through a Window,” the author looks behind the scenes of this drama at the ideologies of our modern times and examines the potential for future development.

About the Author

The author is a prominent professor/scientist/inventor as well as the president and CEO of an American biopharmaceutical corporation that is currently conducting clinical trials for cancer worldwide. As the lead scientist and developer of the world’s first and, so far, only targeted genetic medicine that seeks out and effectively destroys metastatic cancer that has spread throughout the body, he is, most definitely, a scientist and visionary.

This is his first work of serious fiction, part of a luminous trilogy. The second installment, “The Unbearable Sadness of Zilch,” is in production, and the third, “Questing for Uberjoy” is scheduled for 2010.

“A Desperado’s Daily Bread” (ISBN: 978-0595521548, paperback; 166pp, iUniverse) is available from:,, and .

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