Author of ‘Buying Time’ Financial Guide Changes Course When Tragedy Hits

Buying Time: A Young Person's Guide to Building Wealth and Fulfillment

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Mar 21, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- When Heidi McNulty sat down to write "Buying Time" (ISBN: 978-1956955941 [ebook]; 978-1-956955958 [paperback]; 978-1956955965 [hardcover]), a finance book for young people for publisher Legacy Launch Pad, based on going from living paycheck-to-paycheck to building a real estate empire for passive income generation - her life seemed set. At 35, she appeared to have it all-she was a successful real estate mogul, tech advisor, wife, mother and had just sold one of her businesses for seven figures.

Then, the unthinkable happened: McNulty lost her husband to PTSD-related suicide.

As a sudden widow responsible for raising her three young boys alone, she found herself overwhelmed with grief and not sure what to do next. What was the point of writing a book about financial wealth when tragedy could strike at any time?

And then she realized: it was her lifetime of planning that was giving her and her kids the time and space they needed to grieve.

"As I worked through all my pain, I felt deep and profound gratitude that I evolved my financial philosophy and values when I did," McNulty says. "My goals used to be solely about career and money, but I had to evolve with my life experiences."

When she went back to working on her book, she had a whole new "why": building wealth was a way to give yourself space for personal development, a message she thought would resonate with a younger generation who have been so vocal when it comes to uncertainty about their financial future.

In McNulty's hybrid memoir/financial guide "Buying Time: A Young Person's Guide to Building Wealth and Fulfillment," she shares her remarkable story while teaching young entrepreneurs financial literacy to prepare them for anything-even life's most unexpected tragedies.

"For so long, I based my self-worth on how much I was making," McNulty says. "But in light of my grief, my perspective on money changed. I still believe it's a tool to solve problems, but more as a bedrock that can help us through our worst crises."

As an author, Heidi McNulty intends "Buying Time" to be a money and finance book like no other. Financial independence, in McNulty's world, isn't a fear-based way to achieve status but about purpose and service.

"Buying Time," and its accompaniment the "Buying Time Workbook," are available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major online booksellers.

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