Biometric Signature ID Announces CEO Jeff Maynard to Speak on Student ID Verification Pilot Completed with University of Maryland University College

DALLAS, Texas (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Biometric Signature ID (“BSI” – announces that its CEO, Jeff Maynard, will be a featured speaker at the 2010 eLearning conference in Ft. Worth Texas. Mr. Maynard is scheduled to speak on Monday February 22, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. on “Biometric Signatures for Student ID Identity Authentication and Results of pilot with University of Maryland University College.” Mr. Maynard will share the results of their recent pilot with UMUC and why 93 percent of students rated the system as “Extremely or Very Convenient” and 97 percent would recommend BioSig-ID be used for student identity verification.

“We are excited about introducing our software only solutions that meet the identity verification needs of the 2008 Education Act guidelines. Higher education institutions offering distance learning programs are looking for a simple, affordable solution that does not require hardware to meet evolving identity management policies and student integrity in distance education,” states Maynard.

“The act,” says Maynard, “requires an institution that offers distance education to have processes that establish the student who registers in a distance education course is the same student who participates in and completes the program and receives the academic credit.” With online enrollment increasing 12 percent annually, BSI’s solutions are very timely.

“It is not just about finding a lower cost replacement for proctoring exams states Maynard, the need is to find identity proofing solutions that can be used efficiently in distance learning environments including discussion groups, attendance checking, paper submissions, or accessing personal student files. BSI has developed solutions that can confirm the identity of students necessary before access is granted. Since higher education is responsible for nearly 25 percent of all the 250M data breeches in the U.S., it is important to protect students from having their identities stolen.

“We offer a multi layer approach that offers signature/gesture biometrics, image pattern recognition and online electronic signatures that deliver ‘Best in Class’ features. Our solutions are all delivered online and require no additional hardware. The ideal identity proofing strategy is to identify the physical student and only a biometric can do this. Other biometrics require costly hardware and the use of questions or other strategies do not go far enough to authenticate identity of the physical user,” said Maynard.

With the BSI system, identity authentication is performed using a dynamic biometric (BioSig-ID Online(TM)) that captures the way the student moves/draws their secret code with their mouse. The student is asked to enroll in the system and creates a profile that is used to compare their signature using random, periodic, challenges. The student also enrolls in BSI’s second layer of identity proofing – Click-ID Online(TM) an image pattern recognition technology. The integrated solution offers a unique closed loop that allows the student ability to perform an automatic password re-set and avoid costly help desk calls.

About Biometric Signature ID:

A Dallas based software company, BSI provides solutions to reduce identity fraud through its’ patented BioSig-ID Online(TM) biometric handwriting and gesture technologies. Activation is from any mouse, stylus or touchpad on any PC anywhere, anytime. BioSig-ID captures HOW you write/draw including your speed, direction, angle and length which are unique to each individual. Users enroll one time to create a profile (stored in a secure database) and thereafter validate their identity in seconds.

The way you draw or write with a mouse cannot be lost, stolen or borrowed – a major concern with PINS, passwords and tokens. When a password or token is stolen or shared with a colleague, the system cannot know who the actual physical user is and the integrity of the system breaks down. BioSig-ID stops identity fraud by restricting access to only registered users who verify themselves against their stored biometric profile.

To learn more about how BSI solutions can help with your Identity proofing needs visit our Web site at and view our short video demos or call us at: 972-436-6862.

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