Coffeeshopped Patch Base synth editor updated with support for Waldorf Micro Q

AUSTIN, Texas /MUSEWIRE – Music Industry Newswire/ — The popular Coffeeshopped Patch Base synth editor has been updated with support for Waldorf Micro Q, Chadwick Wood, company founder, announced today. Patch Base for Mac (v1.17) and iPad (v3.23) now include editors and librarians for the Waldorf Micro Q virtual analog synthesizer.

According to Wood, “The first release of Patch Base for 2022 includes support for a rack-mounted virtual analog unit from Y2K: the Waldorf Micro Q. It was the Blofeld before the Blofeld existed, and it sounds amazing. And like the Blofeld, it’s light on knobs and heavy on menus, so a good editor is a great help.”

Coffeeshopped Patchbase for Waldorf MicroQ

Learn more about the synth and Patch Base, at:


Voice Editor: The Main page of the Voice Editor shows the most important stuff. You can see all 3 oscillators and both filters, the mixing controls, and the Filter and Amp envelopes at the same time. You can also tab between the other envelopes and all 3 LFOs, to do all of your main voice design on one page.

The Mods page is where you can see all 16 modulation routings at once, as well as all 4 modifiers, which can be used as custom sources for your modulations. The Envelopes and LFOs are again shown at the bottom of this page, since those are often what you’re using for your modulation sources, so you might want to tweak them here.

Multi Editor: The Micro Q can play up to 16 different parts at the same time in Multi Mode. The Multi Editor is where you can control these multi-timbral setups. Choose the sounds you want to use, mix them, set up key and velocity splits, and more.

Drum Map Editor: Similar to the Multi editor, the Drum Map editor enables customization of Drum sets of 32 different sounds from your Micro Q. Select the sounds you want to use, and mix and transpose them. The editor includes a 32-button grid at the top to audition any of your sounds while you’re creating your kit. And the custom Effects and Arp settings for your Drum Maps are also directly editable here.

Patch Base is free, with ‘in app purchases’ to get only the editors for the synths you own and want to manage with the application.

For full info on Patch Base, visit:

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