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Gan Jing Campus

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y., Dec 07, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Gan Jing World, an online platform dedicated to creating a digital community filled with wholesome content, announced its latest initiative Gan Jing Campus. Understanding the pivotal role teachers play in shaping young minds, the platform introduced the program to empower educators with an array of tools and resources that help build positive classroom communities and promote kindness among students.

The announcement of the program received high praise from teachers and schools worldwide, many who are eager to leverage the new program's Premium Channel features, professional development courses, and kindness event toolkits to help build a truly positive, interactive classroom community, and boost student morale.

Whole School Participation

The "Kindness is Cool" contest, launched in early September, is one of Gan Jing World's global events to help teachers promote kindness in schools.

In a video presented by over a thousand middle school students of SMPN 12 Batam, Indonesia, students gathered along with their principal and together cheered, "Kindness is cool, Kebaikan itu keren. Thank you, Gan Jing World!"

Principal Ms. Dra. Nurmi, MM, expressed her heartfelt thanks to Gan Jing World, "[Gan Jing World] is deeply connected with our school, because here we taught students how to do good deeds. I love Gan Jing World's message encouraging good content!"

Taiwan Teacher Expresses Gratitude

Yali Zheng, a mentor teacher at the Development and Information Institute of Hsinchu County Education in Taiwan, expressed her gratitude for Gan Jing World.

"In the past, no one could propose a solution to the adverse effects of the internet on children. Now, Gan Jing World has taken the most challenging step," she said.

With a platform "created for children, teachers, parents, and everyone," Ms. Zheng said. "I can encourage children and parents to come here regularly, which can strengthen class cohesion."

"A Great Gift for Teachers"

Laurence Jossomme-Lefebvre, a Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher from Méry sur Oise, France, expressed her gratitude, "I immediately found this idea of a kindness contest very positive! It really broke the current gloom. It's a great gift for teachers and educators. It empowers students and children to confront this anxiety-inducing society."

"In France, we focus a lot on bullying. I think we're unfortunately perpetuating a kind of 'vicious circle' because we're constantly bringing up negative situations, rather than finding constructive solutions beforehand," she said.

"We need to build something positive and try to create a 'virtuous' circle, all together, creating links, cooperating with teachers in our school groups, families and all school partners, because we are all responsible for the education of children."

A Little Boy's Change

Adel Mansilla, a mother of two young children and a school teacher in Boston, was amazed by how having kindness as the center of education has helped change children both at school and at home.

"At home, as soon as my family started to participate in the 'Kindness Is Cool' project, I've noticed that my son started helping me and his little sister with no hesitation. He got used to the fact that each little act of kindness is a reason to celebrate and share it with the world," Ms. Mansilla wrote.

"Nowadays, society focuses so much on content, on facts, on performance, but we often forget that what's more important for our children, and hence for our future as humanity, is whether we will teach them the core values. As I learned, children respond so naturally to any activity that deals with kindness."

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