FlexShift: An Innovative Web-Based Employee Scheduling and Staffing Management Solution

STACY, Minn. /Neotrope News Network/ — FlexShift Software, Inc.(R), an innovator in Web-based staffing solutions, today announced the launch of FlexShift, a comprehensive solution to help companies strategically manage a wide array of staffing issues. And, companies do not need to purchase any software or hardware. It’s a secured staffing solution that’s accessible via the Web. Additionally, there are no accompanying contracts or IT expenses. All that’s needed is a computer, a browser and Internet connection.

FlexShift provides companies with the ability to manage employee scheduling tasks; to identify potential staffing gaps/shortages; and to procure temporary employees from a preferred staffing firms’ network to fill the gaps/shortages quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Companies that need full control of employee shift-scheduling processes and temporary staffing needs will discover that FlexShift ( puts them in control. It maintains balance in employee scheduling by eliminating overstaffing and understaffing and it quickly obtains reliable temporary employees during critical staff shortage times.

“Many companies with variable/exempt shift-based scheduling processes are heavily dependent on temporary staffing firms. They are often frustrated by the lack of simple scheduling software to help identify staffing gaps/shortages in scheduling activities. Well, FlexShift does this and more. It also helps them to manage their staffing firms to supply temporary help quickly and accurately, especially during crunch times,” says Benjamin Adegoke, Ph.D., founder and chief software architect for FlexShift Software.

From the moment a company identifies gaps/shortages, time is of the essence. This is where FlexShift provides the best support.

“It helps companies obtain the right temporary help from the right staffing firms for the right jobs at the right time,” explains Adegoke.

FlexShift offers a better way for companies of all types (i.e., industrial, hotels and hospitality, healthcare, retail and restaurants) to effectively manage employee scheduling.

“Over-scheduling and under-scheduling staff costs companies money and time,” says John Adegoke, director of sales for FlexShift Software.

Now, companies can manage all aspects of their staffing activities from a single, Web-based dashboard. On-demand, need-based shift scheduling can be done instantly and orders (resulting from scheduling gaps/shortages) can be created and submitted directly into the hands of preferred temporary staffing firms for fast and accurate delivery.

Companies with urgent temporary staffing needs can quickly search FlexShift’s database and find participating firms with services to meet specific needs. A request for a service agreement is then forwarded to selected staffing firms. Once accepted, companies can begin submitting orders for immediate, temporary help.

And, if a company is already doing business with one or more temporary staffing firms outside of FlexShift, the software can manage all of them from a single point by inviting them to enroll.

Some other innovative features include: unlimited employee user accounts; 24 hour schedule access; unlimited supervisory accounts; shift capacity planning for planning staffing needs; integrated shift order management; temporary employee profile review (prior to shift engagement); spend monitoring; daily activity reports; and much more.

Free 24/7 customer support and training are provided. Participation in FlexShift is free for all staffing firms; non-staffing companies pay a low monthly fee of $49.95.

An add-on service is also available – JOT-TIME (1-866-JOT-TIME) – a telephone system for entering hours worked and for retrieving scheduled shift information.

About FlexShift Software, Inc.:

FlexShift Software, Inc. is a leading provider of Web-based staffing solutions that ensures small to medium-sized businesses meet adequate daily staffing capacities.

Founded in April 2008, FlexShift is a privately-held company. Its mission is to continue to design outstanding software solutions to meet the changing needs of its clients.

FlexShift, JOT-TIME, FlexShift Software Inc., and the FlexShift Software logo are trademarks/registered trademarks of FlexShift Software Inc.

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