Former Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Facing Years in Jail Has Trial Date Set

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — According to Craig Rubin, the government literally spent millions of taxpayer’s dollars over the past four years trying to send Rubin to jail. This time it for selling one gram of medical marijuana to an undercover officer who entered Rubin’s licensed facility with a Doctor’s note giving the officer permission to buy cannabis in California. Rubin claims that, after running for mayor, his political enemies decided to torture him. “I almost died in their custody and now I fear for my friend Jeff Joseph’s life. He is being held on over a half a million dollar bond for running a licensed medical marijuana club. There are people accused of murder with lower bail.”

When Rubin was arrested he weighed 145 pounds and now he weighs just less than 100 pounds. “I call it the Carmen Trutanich diet,” he says. Rubin has lost some weight, but he has not lost his sense of humor. Rubin has worried about the government taking his children as they have been homeless every since the city took his money. “Unfortunately, I only see my wife and kids on Sundays when we go to church.” Rubin’s wife and children are hotel-hopping in the San Fernando Valley while Rubin and his oldest son sleep at a warehouse where they can take care of their dogs in West L.A.

Jeff Joseph and Craig Rubin are both featured in the Kevin Booth film, “How Weed Won the West,” a follow up to his hit film, “American Drug” that also featured Craig Rubin. On the Alex Jones radio show Rubin exposed that the film was partially financed by Bret Bogue, an alleged government agent working in the cannabis industry. Alex Jones and Kevin Booth were both unaware of Bogue’s connection to law enforcement, but Rubin has videos allegedly showing Bogue working with the LAPD officers who arrested him in 2006. Rubin says, “The film is still great and everyone should get a copy even though I don’t get royalty checks, but realize just like mainstream films, this documentary has government funded product placement, the product is Bogue, to build his credibility in the industry.”

Rubin has a tendency to believe in the conspiracy of a New World Order and thinks cannabis is the key to defeating a global government. Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulation Tzar, has allegedly stated that conspiracies are dangerous and wants to ban people from even discussing certain ones. He wants to start by regulating the World Wide Web (Internet) in America the way it is done in China and Iran. Senator Jay Rockefeller mused yesterday that, “Maybe our country would be better off if the Internet had never been invented.”

Rubin claims to now be represented by Southern California’s “fastest rising star in the marijuana legal field,” Jennifer Soares.

From this experience Rubin’s 10 year old son now wants to be an attorney and wrote a paper on how proud he was of his dad’s persistence in standing up for what is right. “It is my belief,” said Craig Rubin, “that Trutanich and Cooley have a hatred of my religious establishment because they are trying to give me a ‘second strike’ that could lead to me spending life in prison.” There has never been one victim or citizen complaining about Rubin. His only supposed crimes are against the State.

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Rubin was previously convicted of running a medical marijuana club in a case where he was prohibited from mentioning medical marijuana. The D.A. indicated in court yesterday that he planned to file a motion that would prohibit Rubin from mentioning medical marijuana again. Rubin has a positive attitude — considering the jail time he is facing. “I was convicted in the first case because an officer committed perjury. We called her as a witness and we shook hands acknowledging we’re both just doing our jobs. God is good and eventually my name will be cleared.”

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