Innovation and Creative Thinking Leads to Cost Effective, Eco friendly, Higher Producing Metal Pipes in the Oil and Other Industries Thanks to a New DuraSeal Product

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ask anyone who works on the production side of the oil business and they will tell you the key to success in the oil industry is extracting, producing and transporting. The quicker and more cost effective it is the better. They will also tell you that while production costs can be controlled, well flow rates are often at the mercy of corrosion and pipe wear. A new product called DuralSil, made by DuraSeal, an Olathe, Kansas based company, improves production, reduces pipe replacement and increases the bottom line for any industry using metal pipes.

DuraSil penetrates and lubricates the surface of metal and has all the benefits of untreated metal pipes without a mechanical depletion curve and corrosion (which inevitably leads to restricted flow). A DuraSil pipe doesn’t flake off. It wears slower, flows better and lasts longer. And, the price point is similar to that of treated pipe.

This is less than half the price of a chrome pipe. So, buyers can expect to get all the benefits of a more effectively treated pipe that lasts longer and flows better, for half the price. The results are lower costing pipes, less corrosion, less wear, better flow rates, longer lasting and a better bottom line.

Best of all, DuraSil is environmentally friendly since there is no risk from nano-particles entering the air, depositing in the ground or washing away though the pipe.

“Traditionally lined pipe is significantly prone to failure,” states DuraSeal representative Ken Sachs. “Many operators are needlessly spending extra money for lined pipe which provides limited protection against corrosion.”

“The effectiveness of DuraSil,” Sachs goes on to say, “has been proven time and again in oil field test applications throughout the United States.”

DuraSil treated pipe is also resistant to a number of common industry environmental hazards including weather, ultraviolet radiation, salt water and 33 percent hydrofluoric acid. It also is perfect for use in high-heat applications. In fact, DuraSil treated pipe has stood up to the harshest environments with no signs of corrosion. A DuraSeal pipe is a better investment and offers better protection than the more expensive lined pipe.

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