Legacy Launch Pad Publishing Releases Hybrid Family Memoir/Political Science Book That Warns Against Political Polarization

BOOK: Addictive Ideologies: Finding Meaning and Agency when Politics Fail You

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Dec 22, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is proud to release "Addictive Ideologies: Finding Meaning and Agency when Politics Fail You" (ISBN: 978-1956955491 (ebook); 978-1956955477 (paperback), 978-1956955484 (hardback)) the first book by life partners Dr. Emily Bashah and former Phoenix, Arizona mayor Paul E. Johnson.

Dr. Bashah, a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, has served as an expert witness in high-profile criminal, immigration and civil court cases, while Johnson is the CEO and cofounder of Redirect Health as well as the host of "The Optimistic American," a podcast promoting a hopeful view of America's future.

In "Addictive Ideologies," Dr. Bashah and Johnson warn readers about the perils of political polarization and the social conditions that lead to fascism, drawing on Dr. Bashah's family's experiences of Jewish persecution in Iraq at the hands of Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath Party. Building on this profound personal context, Johnson uses his mayoral experience to chart a path for American citizens and politicians to follow in order to avoid similar atrocities happening on American soil. Together, the pair have salient advice for our rapidly changing political world.

"In taking responsibility for ourselves we can find meaning," the pair write in the book. "We can find the benefits of people who don't think exactly like we do. We can find growth, love and purpose. We can find the truth. If we break our addiction to ideologies and regain our agency from those who would use it for their own means and self-aggrandizement, we can find the great optimism that allows us to create, innovate and find opportunities that are unavailable in our addiction. We can fix society one person at a time, and it starts by taking account of ourselves."

"Addictive Ideologies" has already drawn praise from such experts as Dr. Philip Zimbardo, the American psychologist known for the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, professor emeritus at Stanford University and author of "The Lucifer Effect."

"My research has shown conclusively how many ordinary people can be tied into atrocities," Zimbardo says. "Finding one's agency and accountability are the only real tools to avoid those dangers, and Addictive Ideologies makes that case clearly."

By blending insights from their respective personal and professional backgrounds, Dr. Bashah and Johnson illustrate how political polarization can create the social conditions that put democracy at risk-and that make atrocities and genocides possible. Dr. Bashah and Johnson emphasize the personal responsibility we all share to protect our country and our loved ones, as well as the fact that evil acts aren't the result of a few bad men but of a country's mass complicity and inaction.

"Addictive Ideologies: Finding Meaning and Agency when Politics Fail You" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

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