New EMK SUPRA Night Cream Introduced by Beauty Beverly Hills

BEVERLY HILLS /California Newswire/ — Regal International, Inc., doing business as Beauty Beverly Hills, exclusive worldwide distributor of the EMK Placental anti-aging skin care product line, announces the launch of the Supra Night Cream(TM), a night time skin care recovery cream designed to combat aging skin while one sleeps. It is principally based on two new revolutionary ingredients that are on the scientific cutting edge of high performance skincare: Biotechnological Herbal Placental Extract and Carnosine.

EMK SUPRASupra night cream’s first new ingredient is Herbal Placental Extract; a bio-identical plant based extract that has the same ability to rejuvenate the skin as human placenta. By stimulating cellular turnover and reviving the skin’s natural metabolic processes, it helps to counteract the negative effects of maturing skin. Further, it promotes circulation and oxygenation, activating the flow of moisture while assisting in new collagen to the skin.

The second ingredient is Carnosine, a powerful ingredient included in the Supra night cream. This newly added ingredient is a key amino acid that acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-glycation agent. It has the unique ability to reduce damage to maturing skin collagen.

“We have incorporated a breakthrough in skin care technology using over 30 proprietary ingredients, all organic that work synergistically to regenerate and invigorate the skin,” says, Benik Hovsepian, President of Beauty Beverly Hills. “This results in stimulating cellular turnover and reviving up the skin’s natural metabolic processes, all necessary components for skin rejuvenation. Essentially, night time application results in wrinkles and fine lines gradually diminishing while one sleeps.”

The Supra night cream is designed for all skin types, including very sensitive skin.

It is the newest addition to the Beauty Beverly Hills EMK product line, an all green and environmentally friendly product line that does not engage in animal testing.

“The new Supra night cream is part of an overall growth strategy with a commitment to developing cutting edge anti-aging skin care products that are also environmentally sustainable without animal testing,” says Jason Bordbar, MBA, and Consultant for Beauty Beverly Hills. “The entire supply chain process, from development and production to packaging and distribution, all incorporate greener measures designed to reduce carbon footprints and minimize the impact that products produce on the environment.”

The new organic Supra night cream is now available for immediate purchase online exclusively by and at participating dealers.

About Beauty Beverly Hills

Regal International Inc., DBA Beauty Beverly Hills has provided marketing, sales and consulting services for the past two decades. It provides worldwide distributorship for the development and management of internet affiliates, marketing and sales for the EMK product line. Beauty Beverly Hills employs a powerful team of business professionals with an extensive track record in IT consulting, marketing and public relations.

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