Obama is 'Chocolate Jesus' According to Los Angeles City Official

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Glenn Beck is promoting citizen journalism, busting ACORN for advising a prostitute with housing. Patrick Duff and Craig Rubin are hoping for the same type of government action by exposing what they feel is government corruption. Rubin and Duff are both religious leaders that provide medical marijuana in the City of Los Angeles.

Rubin, who played the owner of the medical marijuana club on the Showtime hit show “Weeds,” was arrested at his own medical marijuana club in real life, Temple 420, and then given court permission to reopen. Rubin opened another church-run dispensary, The Beverly Hills Green Cross (2370 Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, 90034), and is currently working there. Duff founded a Rasta organization that provided medical marijuana. He was closed by the City over location permits, then the City allowed another medical marijuana club in that location. Duff and Bob Marley’s relative lead the congregation of Rastas and provided medical cannabis to qualified patients.

When the Royal Temple was raided KTLA wrongly reported that former mayoral candidate Craig X Rubin had been arrested. What really had happened was that Rubin spoke to the media that evening on behalf of Duff since Duff had spoken up for Rubin at City Hall two weeks prior. The Temple volunteers who were arrested that night had all charges dropped, however the cannabis was not returned.

Video link: (ABC) .

Inspired by Fox News and the citizen journalism taking place on the Internet, Duff and Rubin got together and began to investigate the investigators. What they realized was the guy investigating Duff, L.A. building inspector Tom Wilson, is perhaps undermining federal policies because Rubin and Duff believe he has an axe to grind – or worse. Rubin, creator of an on-line cannabis school,, had his completely legal marijuana educational site included in the City record as to why his church’s permit should be pulled, so Rubin and Duff decided to look for information on-line to find the motivation of their adversaries. What they discovered shocked them.

“Patrick,” Rubin said speaking of Duff, “found one Web site because the City inspector who shut him down mentioned Patrick’s first and last name in one of his posts.”

Inspector Tom Willis freely admits he is an inspector of medical marijuana clubs on the Web site, where his handle is TWillis. He writes, “Among my responsibilities as a building inspector for the city of Los Angeles is inspecting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.” The self-described “low level bureaucrat” also writes on

On the Web site Willis questions Duff’s sincerity in the Rasta religion because he is of Irish decent and on 9/11 of this year he calls Obama, “Chocolate Jesus” under a forum entitled, “The Kenyan gets Townhalled.” He rejoices publicly over President Obama being ridiculed by subordinates. He allegedly calls Muslims, “Mooks,” and jokes about killing his boss and a co-worker on June 23 of this year saying, “I got a boss and a co-worker that are gonna die on Dec. 20th of .357 caliber lead poisoning.” It may be a joke to him, but Duff and Rubin feel it gives insight into his personal character and motivations.

Rubin saw law enforcement steal merchandise on his surveillance system, and named the individuals in front of City Council while they were voting to pull his church’s permit. He also told them that $9,000 was taken by law enforcement and never reported. Rubin and Duff feel now that their only recourse is to sue the individual council members for violating their civil rights under color of law, so they got together to discuss the commonalities of their situations.

It was then they decided to begin to inspect the inspectors. Rubin found it particularly disturbing when Willis brags in one of the forums, “I have cash,” when offering to buy something and in a second post, “I have $1,500 in crisp one hundred dollar bills.”

“We are just starting our investigation,” says Rubin, “Glenn Beck inspired me to root out corruption in local government. I agree with Willis on a lot of issues and don’t like Obama’s policies myself, but I am more respectful of our President and laws. These statements need to be investigated.”

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