Picsello Smart Profit Calculator – a Game Changer for Photography Businesses

Picsello Smart Profit Calculator

NEW YORK, N.Y., Apr 16, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- In today's fast-paced digital world, photographers find themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This is where Picsello, a comprehensive software platform designed to streamline business operations for photographers, can make a profound difference.

Among its proprietary suite of specialized and innovative photography business tools and services is the Smart Profit Calculator(tm), a powerful tool developed through four years of intensive research. This unique calculator takes the guesswork out of pricing for photographers who want to start or grow their business. Picsello also provides insight into pricing strategies and business growth opportunities.

"There's a good deal of misinformation out there about what, for example, brides pay for wedding photography. Much of that is coming from very large companies - not the average photographer trying to make a living wage," Jane Goodrich, founder of Picsello, says. "This misinformation contributes to clients not understanding the real value of services."

During the course of their four years of research, Picsello gathered information through surveys and interviews from photographers across the globe who had been in business for four years or more. Data revealed average industry costs along with how long it takes to create a profitable business.

Earlier data had shown that for every hour of a photoshoot, there were nine hours of backend work. Goodrich says it was difficult to believe so they set out to disprove it.

"However, what we learned shocked us," she says. "You would think with the advent of technology that the backend times would have lessened, but they've actually increased. That's mostly attributed to marketing time to stay in pace with the competition."

So, what's the average total time spent on a photography business per a one-hour photoshoot? The answer: a stunning 12 hours.

The Smart Profit Calculator helps photographers to correctly price themselves so they can afford to replace their equipment, have backup cameras and file storage solutions as well as afford healthcare and even save for retirement.

Users simply enter specific information about their business, such as financial and time goals, business costs for cameras, computers, memory cards, batteries, etc. The calculator factors in the industry standard business costs, and the industry standard for how long certain types of shoots take - including all of that back-end work that often gets left out. Once the data is figured out, the calculator reveals the price that should be charged in addition to how many photoshoots are needed to hit those business goals. A follow-up email includes tips and resources about how to raise those prices and also offers a scheduled call to help with the overall process.

"Using Picsello's calculator was a game-changer," says Jess Allen, owner of Jess Allen Photography. "It gave me confidence to raise my prices, knowing that I was accurately valuing my time and expertise. Thanks to Picsello, I now charge what I'm worth and my business has flourished."

Choosing Picsello means gaining access to expertise and resources that empower photographers to not just survive, but thrive.

"We want photographers to see us as an indispensable business partner," Goodrich says. "Our goal is to be the voice of all photographers and to empower, support and listen to them."

About Picsello:

Picsello's mission is simple - to help photographers successfully market, maintain and manage their photography businesses.

Jane Goodrich, founder of Picsello, uniquely combines her passion for photography with extensive business and technology expertise. She has more than a decade of experience running a photography business and mentoring photographers who want to run their own. This experience, coupled with her MBA and her time working with major brands at Ogilvy, a leading marketing and advertising agency, has equipped her with a deep understanding of brand development and client engagement.

Picsello's approach to business is strategic and user-centric and the company is at the forefront of technological advancement, continually integrating new features based on evolving market trends and user feedback.


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