Six Ways to Build Your Appeal in the Job Market

NEW YORK, N.Y. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Most job seekers take far too narrow a view of themselves and fail to do simple things that would broaden their appeal, said Robert J. Gerberg, Chairman of SET, a personal marketing firm working with professionals and executives seeking $100,000 or more. “People could increase their opportunities significantly if they would take a few simple steps,” he added.

Here are six things that SET routinely does for clients that you can do if you want to broaden your appeal:

1) Don’t restrict yourself to just passive approaches. If all you do is answer ads and contact recruiters, you are limiting yourself to jobs that employers have tightly defined and made public. Instead, take the initiative to contact employers you think are ideal targets for you, even if they haven’t advertised. Also, put a “news filter” in your mind so you scan business news for clues to jobs in the making – new plants, promotions, new products, etc.

2) Don’t sell just experience. You’ve also developed skills and knowledge, and made contacts. Any of these might be valuable to employers in your industry and many other industries. Skills are what employers are looking for today… because if you have them, you can contribute right away.

3) Develop more than one resume. If you have achievements in both operations and sales, for example, you might increase your appeal if you have a separate resume for each.

4) Use letters if you want to change careers. Let’s say you have experience in purchasing and want to switch to sales. It’s hard to make your case in a resume, but in a letter that emphasizes you’ve sat at the sales table many times, know what buyers are looking for and how to reach them, you can make a compelling case.

5) Target employers in growth industries. These companies need to hire people from other industries, since theirs is new. Research the industry and the company before your interviews, and show a lot of enthusiasm.

6) Neutralize your liabilities. If you have problems, like employment gaps or poor titles, figure out strategies to minimize their impact, so you don’t get ruled out.

SET has created an educational video that teaches people about today’s job market and how to compete more effectively. It covers how the job market really works, new resume styles that get better results, where public and private openings can be quickly found and fast ways to access the leads and contacts you need over the Internet. To view this tour of the job market, go to .

For additional information email or call Peter Simms at 866-664-7256.

News Source: Robert Gerberg

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