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Singer-Songwriter Sue Larsen Releases Third Pop Single, ‘You Will Always Be There’ Which Pokes Fun at Not Accepting Relationship Ending

NORTH CASTLE, N.Y. /Music Industry Newswire/ — Bijoux Music Group LLC announced Sue Larsen’s next pop single, “You Will Always Be There” is being released today, under the Bijoux Music Group LLC label and produced by Sue Larsen. It can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora and all other streaming platforms. It […]

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DJ Expression, a Texas ‘Master of Mixtapes’ Drops New Release: Traffic Light – AFROBEAT Vol.14

DALLAS, Texas /Music Industry Newswire/ — DJ Expression, also known as Peter O Okeke, has vowed to make a difference and to add value to the music industry by pushing the AfroBeat genre. Nigerian-born, this musical artist has developed a unique style where he’s created a signature blend of mixes and sounds. Now, he’s excited […]

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Actor-Singer Tony Hightower Brings Real Jazz to The Young Generation on ‘Legacy’ Release

ATLANTA, Ga./ Music Industry Newswire/ — Singer/Songwriter Tony Hightower is taking up the mantle to be a bridge that ushers R&B audiences into Jazz – Real Jazz. With years of experience as a singer, drummer, and actor (easily recognizable from his work in Tyler Perry movies/TV/stage productions), Atlanta-native Hightower is still just getting started. The […]

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Best Alternative Gospel Group: See Your Shadow Songwriting Win at 14th Prayze Factor Awards

PITTSBURGH, Pa. /Music Industry Newswire/ — On Saturday, September 19, 2021 the winners for the 14th Prayze Factor Awards were announced. MTS Management Group is proud that they, along with their client, See Your Shadow Songwriting, were selected among the winners. See Your Shadow, headed by Michael Coleman, was named Best Alternative Gospel Group for […]

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HMB Players Releases Track, ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ off Album, ‘Daddy’s Margarita Rose’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. /Music Industry Newswire/ — High Mountain Breezes today announce the release of their second pre-sale song “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” a track from their soon to be released record “Daddy’s Margarita Rose.” The track is now available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, You-Tube and many other major streaming services. The post […]

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Social Influencer RoarJMcKay Reveals The Keeping Tabs Awareness Campaign: Rotting Rationality

FLINT, Mich. /Music Industry Newswire/ — Jonathan McKay, better known by his social influencer tag RoarJMcKay is a psychedelic multimedia content creator hailing from Flint, MI. Harnessing the influence of psychedelia, McKay has begun to apply concepts of geometric structure and interconnectedness visually in abstract ways. After surviving the disastrous “Flint Water Crisis” and fighting […]

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16-year-old Songstress Jaiimoni Starr releases single ‘Stop and I Go’ to Launch Career

ST. LOUIS, Mo. /Music Industry Newswire/ — Jaiimoni Starr, who sung solo songs and performed praise dances at church, and began her career doing cover raps, launches her first professional rap single with “Stop and I Go.” She is 16. Allen Daugherty, Daugherty Entertainment, is managing the artist. Starr presented her first solo rap at […]

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