Unique Booklet to Discover in Thirty Minutes or Less How to Accomplish Everything One Desires

NEW YORK, N.Y. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A new booklet by author and business expert Marty Niedelman, “Rx For Success” (, is a clear concise manuscript to help anyone achieve their goals and aspirations. Many people work hard and struggle to survive. Others do things in a certain way and have all the wealth and fame.

Marty has combined the knowledge of many motivational books, tapes, courses, and lectures. He feels in essence, everyone is saying the same thing in different ways. By reading his booklet in thirty minutes or less, people will reap the benefit of reading many books which could amount to thousands of pages.

By using this concise, easy to read booklet, individuals will learn how to discover and accomplish anything and everything they desire.

According to Marty, it is said that only five percent of the world population is motivated and working toward achieving their goals. This means that ninety-five percent of the population does not have a plan. It is also said that the high achievers who comprise that top five percent, have ninety-five percent of the world’s wealth. Marty wants to put the reader in this five percent by allowing him or her to read this “Recipe For Success.” If enough people can transform their way of thinking, it is our hope and dream that we can increase the elite five percent to ten.

Marty has done research for the past thirty years in order to write this booklet for the benefit of mankind. He can teach people how to set and accomplish their goals, solve everyday problems, overcome procrastination by using perseverance, and to truly become successful.

At the end of this booklet, he made it possible for the reader to write their living legacy by answering a few pointed questions which will change and improve their lives. It will spell out exactly who they are, what they feel inside, and where they want to go. After they take a little time to fill in the blanks, one of the great secrets of life will become evident. In fact, their entire life will change.

It is his goal that everyone who reads this “Rx For Success,” will undergo a life altering change. He wants to help individuals help themselves to achieve their goals and elevate their position in life.

For more information, to download at $9.99 (eBook), or order online at $9.99 plus $5.00 S&H, visit .

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