Video Uploads Become Highly Available for Web 2.0

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 21 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Aurigma, Inc. releases Video Uploader, a solution that makes it possible to implement video content upload for websites in a matter of minutes. Video content becomes more popular on the Web and in corporate intranets. User-generated video has now become a must-have section for many web sites – not just social networking sites, but even traditional broadcasters like BBC. Yet, for the majority of web sites video content is more of an add-on, rather than a core expertise.

AurigmaBuilding a YouTube-like site from scratch, as well as integrating it with an existing platform, can be quite a challenge, involving solid investments.

Aurigma Video Uploader is a toolkit that enables webmasters to implement video uploads with as little effort as possible. The end user, on the other hand, will not need to install any software, except for allowing an ActiveX control to download automatically. Video Uploader takes advantage of several years of Aurigma’s expertise in image upload technology to address multiple issues that are associated with uploading multimedia content via the Web.

“Before being uploaded, videos need to be transcoded. We do transcoding on the end user’s PC, relieving the web server of a tremendous load. We upload the videos in WMV format, ready for playback in the browser. That means no codecs are required on the server side,” Dmitry Sevostyanov, Aurigma CTO, explains.

“The uploader resizes and watermarks video clips while transcoding. This saves much server load and inbound traffic. What’s also important, it works with any web server platform out there.”

The video transcoding technology was provided by MediaLooks ( – a world-class expert in multimedia programming, decoding and encoding technologies.

“How does it feel for the end user? Uploads are made right from the browser, without leaving the web site. … Friendly, modern-looking user interface with progress bars makes you feel comfortable and gives you tight control over the transcoding and upload process,” says Fedor Skvortsov, Aurigma president.

The uploaded videos are ready for playback over the Web with any Silverlight-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Video Uploader is currently available in beta version. The software can be downloaded at

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About Aurigma, Inc.

Aurigma is a software development company founded in 2002. We produce components, libraries and tools for the part of Web 2.0 busy with processing, editing and uploading photos and images, both motion and still. Also, we supply software solutions to photo businesses. Visit us at

About MediaLooks

MediaLooks, founded in 2005, is an audio/video processing and compression technology expert, a provider of multimedia platforms for broadcasting, digital signage, security, medical, education and other industries. MediaLooks’ software powers hundreds of applications in over 30 countries around the world.

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