Award-winning art book ‘Lost and Found Assemblage Artists of Northern California’ gets worldwide distribution

BOOK: Lost and Found Assemblage Artists of Northern California

NAPLES, Fla., Feb 09, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Bajek Publisher Services is proud to announce their collaboration with Gazelle Book Services to bring "Lost and Found Assemblage Artists of Northern California" (ISBN: 978-0578337722) edited by Spencer Brewer and Esther Sigel, with photography by Larry R Wagner, to the United Kingdom.

Bajek Publisher Services is working with Rupert Harbour from Harbour Publisher Services, who will serve as lead sales representative in the UK. In India, Bajek Publisher Services will be working with Saga Publishing Solutions to bring this captivating work to retailers in the region. "Lost and Found" has garnered significant attention and acclaim both nationally and internationally.

Featuring the art of several assemblage artists around the Northern California region, the book aims to raise awareness of assemblage as an art form as a whole, Assemblage art is a distinctive and innovative art form that combines various materials, objects, and elements to create a cohesive and thought-provoking piece.

This art form has gained popularity in recent years, as artists continue to push the boundaries of conventional art, experimenting with diverse materials and techniques. Assemblage art has captivated audiences worldwide, highlighting the versatility and potential of this unique medium. Taking used and discarded objects and turning them into valuable pieces of art.

Truly an environmentally sustainably art form appealing to a wide range of art enthusiasts and beyond. Assemblage art has made its way into the international art scene, with exhibitions and events taking place across the globe. "Lost and Found" is a prime example of this art form and has garnered significant attention and acclaim from critics and art enthusiasts alike. Bajek Publisher Services is committed to bringing the "Lost and Found" to the UK and India, where it will be available in bookstores and online platforms.

With the support of Gazelle Book Services, Rupert Harbour, and Saga Publishing Solutions, the book will reach a broader audience, further expanding the featured artists. The book is in its fourth printing and has received multiple Ben Franklin awards for excellence independent publishing, Foreword Indie awards, and Eric Hoffer awards. As the book continues to gain recognition, it will be made available to a wider audience through our collaboration with these esteemed partners. In India, the book will be available through Saga Publishing Solutions, ensuring that retailers and art enthusiasts in the region have access to this remarkable work.

"Lost and Found" is the true definition of an art book, currently in its fourth printing and has received nine national book awards, attesting to its high quality and the exceptional talent of the Assemblage artists featured within. Some appeared on the television show American Pickers to permanent displays at the Smithsonian. It can be found in North America online and wherever finer books are sold.

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