Introducing ‘The Day Before Tomorrow’ – A Captivating Novel by Author Monique Britten


CALGARY, Alberta, Feb 26, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- In the heart of a once-sleepy farming community, a tale of transformation, love, and resilience unfolds in "The Day Before Tomorrow" (IBSN: 978-1775267706; Tellwell Publishing), the latest novel by acclaimed author Monique Britten. With rich storytelling and multidimensional characters, Britten paints a vivid picture of an era gone by while delving into the complexities of relationships, survival, and the human experience.

Juliette and George Morgan, the town's newest power couple, bring life to the quaint community of Rickshaw, turning it into a haven for musical talent and social innovation. Set against the backdrop of the 1970s, "The Day Before Tomorrow" captures the essence of that era, intertwining the Morgan family's personal journey with the pulse of a changing world.

As friendships deepen and secrets unfold, the lines between adulthood and adolescence blur, leading to unexpected and often unsettling connections. The novel explores themes of love, innocence, hidden truths, and the remarkable resilience of the human spirit. The intricate web of relationships within the Morgan family and their community paints a poignant portrait of life's fragility and strength.

When unforeseen circumstances shatter the Morgan family's idyllic life, they find themselves facing trauma and upheaval that challenge their very essence. As they navigate loss and transition, their journey becomes a testament to the power of hope and the pursuit of a new beginning.

"The Day Before Tomorrow" is not just a novel; it's a moving experience that transports readers through time, evoking emotions that linger long after the final page is turned. Monique Britten's masterful storytelling weaves a tapestry of human connections, leaving readers with a renewed appreciation for the beauty of life's unpredictable journey.

Named "Book of the Month" on Long and Short Reviews, "The Day Before Tomorrow" has garnered critical acclaim:

"'The Day Before Tomorrow' skillfully delves into the depths of human emotion, offering a poignant reflection on the trauma of losing a loved one. Readers who enjoy modern fiction and coming-of-age stories that tug at your heartstrings will find this book compelling." -- Literary Titan (****)

"...a relevant, multifaceted, and impacting read, owing to the well-crafted characters, and satisfying finish that indicates the rewarding fruits of endurance and anticipation." -- Reader Views (*****)

"...not for the faint of heart - a beautiful narrative that addresses real-world hopes and fears unflinchingly, albeit with a potentially divisive ending." -- IndieReader (****)

Available Now:

Prepare to be swept away by "The Day Before Tomorrow," a novel that captures the heart and soul of an era, while reminding us of the universal truths that bind us all. Available now on Amazon:

About the Author:

Monique Britten is an emerging author known for her ability to craft compelling stories that resonate deeply with readers. With a passion for capturing the essence of different eras and the complexities of human relationships, Britten's writing leaves a lasting impact on those who delve into her novels. "The Day Before Tomorrow" offers a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the enduring strength of the human spirit.


Author: Monique Britten

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Genre: Fiction

Released: January, 2023

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978-1775267706

Publisher: Tellwell (

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